Before you do anything . . .

. . . You have to ask yourself some questions and answer them honestly and accurately.

  • What do I want to do in my studio – record music, mix music, practice with a band/ individually or all of these things?
  • How loud will you be doing this – don’t guess, buy a good quality sound level meter and measure your activity in decibels.
  • How loud is the environment around the studio in all likely conditions? How much noise do you need to keep out? Again, this needs to be measured.
  • How much money am I able to spend on this? Be realistic and bear in mind that, even if you do most of the work yourself, your project is likely to cost somewhere in the region of £1000 per square metre (!)

I must add that I am not an expert in the field of studio/acoustic design, merely a student. I’m hoping that sharing my experiences will be helpful to anyone wanting to build a project studio by collecting relevant, accurate information together in one place and also helping to avoid the pitfalls that I walked straight into! I should also add that I am not paid to write this blog, receive no advertising income from it or have any commercial incentives. I would like it to be understood that any products, service providers or online entities that I mention should not be considered as endorsements, this is purely a record of my studio build and I assert my copyright.

© John Steel 2020

Published by johnmsteel

Musician, editor and now studio builder.

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